If you have a question, check here first for some commonly asked questions

  • My production tracks are not showing up in the app. How do I obtain them? TRACK INFORMATION IT SUPPORT/TROUBLESHOOTING

    Production tracks are made available once we receive payment in full. Make sure that you have authorized your device through your organization’s dashboard at dashboard.themtpit.com. Once you do so, refresh your App and your show tracks will appear.

  • When Editing, how much can the tracks be changed? EDITING

    Our capability to change tempo relies on each individual song due to the orchestration. Since the music is recorded live, it can only be altered so far before compromising the integrity of the recording. However, we are happy to change it as much or little as you request to see what works. When changing tempos, tell us the exact beats per minute or percentage that you would like the track increased or decreased from where the tempo is currently. Key changes can be made up or down a major third, or anywhere between. Measures can be cut or duplicated. For further questions about our capabilities, feel free to contact us and ask for the editing engineers.

  • How do I remove the “Rehearsal Track” voiceover from my tracks? EDITING TRACK INFORMATION IT SUPPORT/TROUBLESHOOTING

    The Rehearsal track voiceover is embedded in the rehearsal tracks. When you obtain your performance tracks, the “rehearsal track” watermark will be removed.

  • Why can’t I access MTI shows through MT Pit anymore? LICENSING IT SUPPORT/TROUBLESHOOTING

    Music Theatre International (MTI) now holds exclusive rights to the licensing and use of their corresponding Performance Accompaniment Recordings. To license these tracks for your upcoming show, please contact MTI at (212) 541-4684 or go to https://www.mtishows.com/

  • Can I run performance tracks on any device I choose? LICENSING IT SUPPORT/TROUBLESHOOTING

    The only devices that currently support performance tracks are iPads, iPod Touches or iPhones with an IOS of 9.0 or later.

  • Does The MT Pit distribute sheet music for transcribed tracks? LICENSING EDITING

    Sheet music is only created and distributed through the licensing company, so we are unable to provide sheet music for the tracks we transcribe for you.

  • What if there’s a problem with the app when I’m running the show? IT SUPPORT/TROUBLESHOOTING

    If you have an emergency while running a show that takes place outside our office hours (9am to 5pm MST), you can call us at 866-703-8196. This will put you in contact with our tech support.

  • Do you offer alternate versions of tracks? EDITING LICENSING TRACK INFORMATION

    If the alternate track can be found in the score, it is likely that we have already recorded it and you can have it added to your track list for free.  Feel free to contact us and ask what alternate tracks we have available for your upcoming show.

  • How can I add sound effects to my show? EDITING TRACK INFORMATION

    If there is a sound effect listed in the Piano/Conductor score or the Libretto, we can add it to your show for free. If it’s not in either score or script, we can upload it for you at the regular editing fee ($50 an hour, half hour minimum).

  • Do I have to be connected to the internet to play my performance tracks during the show? IT SUPPORT/TROUBLESHOOTING TRACK INFORMATION

    Once you have downloaded the performance tracks to your device through the app, you do not need an internet connection to play them. It is actually encouraged to put your device in airplane mode during a performance to limit interference.

  • How much do edits cost? EDITING TRACK INFORMATION

    Edits are charged at $60 an hour with a half hour minimum per submission. If you are looking to get your edits expedited, the rate increases.  If you would like an estimate for the cost of your edits, just ask when you submit your edit sheet.

  • Introduction to the iOS Application

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  • Organization Dashboard

    This tutorial will show how to utilize the Organization Dashboard.

  • iOS Rehearsal Track Access

    This tutorial will show how to access Rehearsal Tracks on iOS Devices.

  • Streaming Rehearsal Tracks

    This tutorial will show how to stream the Rehearsal Tracks from any web browser.

  • Mac Application (With QLab)

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  • Mac App Permissions

    On macOS Catalina and newer, it is required to enable Full Disk Access and Screen Recording permissions in order to use the app. This allows us to protect tracks from getting illegally obtained. This access is not utilized for any other purpose. The app will monitor the filesystem and the names of windows you have open. The contents of your files and windows are not accessed and your screen is not recorded. If we determine that you are attempting to access tracks from other windows besides The MT Pit, you will be reported.