“The MT Pit provides accurate and excellent orchestral presentations of the orchestrations for many Broadway and Touring musicals. If you have secured the rights and licenses from the licensing agencies it is a wonderful resource. If you don’t have access to the musicians required to perform these shows, The MT Pit provides the next best thing to the original pit band.”
Larry Blank – orchestrator and music director for many Broadway musicals

“Your tracks sound wonderful, and are exactly what I have been looking for as an alternate to sampled tracks.”
Mitch Atkins – Technical Director // Disneyland Resort Entertainment

“You guys have an amazing group of musicians.”
David Collins –Lead Sound Design // Lucas Films Ltd.

“We sounded great thanks to you.”
Robin P. // High School Director

“Your work is admirable.”
Daniel J. B. // Community Theatre

“The recording is absolutely wonderful!”
Sonja S. // High School Director

“Thank you so much! It was a hit! I am very excited that it has worked out that we are working with you! Your work is fantastic.”
Ryan N. // Community Theatre

“As far as the tracks go…. they sound great and it has really raised the energy level of our cast. I have never had so much fun performing a musical as I did with your music.”
Jeremiah H. // Worship Center

“The music is fabulous. We will recommend you to everyone we know.”
Michelle K. // High School Theater

“Your tracks are fabulous!”
Kevin W. // Community Theatre

“Your tracks are superior to anything on the market”
Mark D. // CEO-Community Theatre

“Beauty and The Beast sounds like the Disney Soundtrack…”
Kelly D. // High School/Community Theater Director

 “Hey-the show was a real hit!!!! Thank you for having music available for small schools like ours.”
Mona F. // High School Director

“Just touching base with you about our Singin’ In The Rain tracks. They Are Wonderful!!!!! We opened this past Friday to rousing success!! The show sounds great!…this is definitely a relationship that we would like to keep going. The quality and customer service is exceptional. Thanks again for providing such a great product!”
Scott W. // Community Theatre

“…on behalf of my kids, I can’t thank you enough for this experience. You saved us!!!! And being able to work with the exact music at the correct tempo has made learning this music ten times easier than previous experiences. Thanks again.”
Carol S. // High School Director

“…your tracks are wonderful and I fully appreciate that there is not a midi sound to be heard! Thanks you! Really beautiful.”
Debbie W. // High School Musical Theatre

“Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful service throughout our rehearsal period and run of the show. The music you provided was beautiful and very effective for our venue and the students…We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Dona D. // High School Musical Theater

 “I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how WONDERFUL your music was for our production. Having the rehearsal tracks completely changed the quality of our singing and dancing. We really want to do another show that you have the music for. Again, we appreciate your services!”
Emily B. // High School Musical Theater

“The show was wonderful and the whole audio experience was superior. I will definitely use you in the future. Thanks so much for being so easy to work with on our show!”
Kristine S. // High School Musical Theater

“Wow. We got a lot of compliments from seasoned patrons of high school shows who said, ‘Please keep using the accompaniment tracks, it made the show so awesome!’ Thanks for offering such a great product.”
James S. // High School Musical Theater

 “I just felt the need to inform you of how happy my students and I were with the recordings we rented from your company. The MT Pit was such a pleasure to work with and I will be sure to rent from your company for years to come. As someone that is not musically inclined, your product made it so easy to produce an outstanding, high quality show. ”
Blake S. // High School Musical Theater

 “Thanks very much for bringing your tracks to our attention. We were very happy with the quality and the cost. Even our band director who is notoriously hard to please when it comes to these things, likes this! In all areas we were very happy with your services! ”
Michael R. // High School Musical Theater

 “I wanted to email you and your team and let you know how amazing you guys are! I was excited how beautiful the tracks are. Your customer service is top notch. I just want you to know how easy it is to do business with you- and we will definitely be doing it again!”
Jared W. // Community Theatre

 “Thank you for a wonderful first experience with MT Pit. The music was absolutely beautiful and completely fulfilled our needs. This was a successful endeavor.”
Ray J. // High School Musical Theater

“I don’t want to work with anyone else. I am spoiled.”
Jim C. // Community Theatre

“Thanks so much for your time and help – your product is awesome!!!”
Katie T. // High School Musical Theater

“I want to thank you for allowing us to rent this amazing product! The orchestration was beautiful and your responses to my questions have been so fast. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this experience of working with The MT Pit.”
Jeannette P. // High School Musical Theater

 “Once again, I am just floored by the quality of the orchestration. Really fantastic! Thanks for your help on our show!”
Erin W. // High School Musical Theater

 “We absolutely love working with The MT Pit. Your tracks are, by far, the best in the business!”
Kimberly S. // High School Musical Theater

“We enjoyed working with you and your product. It more than met our need! Thanks so much!”
Sandy W. // High School Musical Theater

“For years we used professionally orchestrated synthesizer tracks that were state-of-the-art. But after using the real thing from The MT Pit just once, we’re never going back. From now on we won’t produce a musical without your live-recorded tracks. And, on top of all that, your service is superior. It’s been a wonderful experience from beginning to end.  Thank you,  thank you, for making our production a league above the rest.”
Stephen M. // Executive Director-Community Theatre

“The show was great and very well received, with no small thanks to the wonderful music which we had many, many great comments on.”
David G. // Community Theatre

“We LOVED using The MT Pit. Many of my friends came and were amazed at how good it sounded. Many have played past pits and are fans of live music (as am I) but even they couldn’t find fault with the sound of our ‘MT Pit’. They were truly amazed. As were we!”
Lisa V. // Community Theatre

“I would recommend you guys to any of my colleagues who perform musicals and need music. You guys are wonderful and have great materials!”
Charity H. // High School Musical Theater

“It’s an easy choice. The MT Pit is the best sounding product out there.”
Jason R. // Community Theatre

“I’m listening to the tracks….FANTASTIC! Hurry up and make tracks to every show ever written so I can pick and choose ;)”
Stephen M. // Community Theatre

“Thanks again. Your product is a life saver for our small school shows.”
Janet L. // High School Theater

“We LOVE the streamable tracks for our kids to use online! Makes audition practice and rehearsal so much easier!! Nice addition!”
Lynn B. // High School Theater

“I was so impressed working with you last year and continue to be impressed. I wish all companies were this wonderful.”
Jim P. // High School Theater

“I’ve been touting your company to others.”
Ansley V. // Collegiate Theater

“Although we did use a live band for the performance, the rehearsal tracks were worth every penny. So often the music is written differently for the rental shows vs. the broadway soundtracks. Our students were able to start rehearsing from day one, taking the pressure off of the band to have large dance numbers ready the first week of rehearsal. We will be using your company in the future!”
Kendra W. // High School Theater

“Thanks for being prompt. You guys really are the best. You have absolutely gained a forever client!”
Cherie D. // High School Theater

“I feel that this would have not been possible if we did not have the excellent, high quality, playback supplied by The MT Pit. My over worked music director was able to focus on teaching the music rather than learning a Broadway score. I would like to thank you personally for your support and handholding the weeks before opening.”
Frank L. // Community Theatre

“The music for this show is BEAUTIFUL!!! JUST ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! I AM SO PROUD OF THE WORK YOU GUYS DID ON THIS SHOW!!! I wish other theatre companies could see the professionalism that music with quality and detail bring to a production. It just makes a huge difference. ”
Regan M. // Collegiate Theater

“I love your company! I mean it…I love your company!”
Peter T. // High School Theater

“You wouldn’t believe the difference and the boost the kids and the audience experienced when we started using your tracks. I can never express how truly grateful I am that I found The MT Pit. Your fee is worth every penny!!!”
Selisa // High School Theater