How is the music played back?

The music tracks can be accessed through our free App. Any tracks played through the App are downloaded to your device through a wifi connection. Once they are downloaded, you no longer need a wifi signal or internet access to play the tracks.

Production Tracks can only be played on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone with an IOS of 8.0 or later.

Rehearsal Tracks can be played on Ipads, iPhones, iPod Touches, and select Android devices.

Rehearsal tracks can also be streamed through the internet (Note: you will always need internet access for the streaming option).


You can download our app from the App Store (apple devices) or Google Store (Android devices).


Do I have to do anything about copyrights if I use The MT Pit music?

Yes! Before we will rent our recorded tracks to you, you must first license the show through a professional licensing company and rent all materials as though you had hired a full orchestra. It is as if you are hiring The MT Pit Orchestra for the duration of your show.


What kind of technical expertise does my stage crew have to have to use The MT Pit recordings?

You will need to mix two channels of audio (The Sound Track) with the stage performers. The only other thing you will need is a playback operator. That will do it.


We don’t have a great sound system. Can The MT Pit music still work for us?

Because this is recorded material, the better the system, the better the music will play back. We have taken great care in optimizing the tracks for all playback systems. We can assure you that, whatever system you use, our tracks will perform as well as possible.


We like to create and sell a CD of our cast singing the show tunes as an additional revenue generator. Can we still do that?

We’re sorry that this is not possible. Recording these tracks and selling them would require additional licensing from those who actually hold the rights to do so. We would not be in a position to grant this privilege.


When do we have to pay your fee? Can we wait until after the money comes in from the production?

It is customary for us to receive payment in full prior to shipping any materials. On rare occasion we have been willing to make exceptions to this rule. If you have a special need, please feel free to contact us.

Can we make alterations to the music?

The MT Pit can make alterations to the tracks at your request. We can cut or duplicate measures, change the tempo up to 40% and change keys up or down a major third.